Multi-component injection

In this technique we join two or more types of plastics in the same mould. This special injection moulding technique is applied for products combining several properties, objects containing several colours or a combination of hard and soft parts. We melt the different plastics in the mould by means of thermal-chemical adhesion.

Insert moulding

This technique involves spraying a non-plastic part with a plastic. This technique is mainly used to place an insert or to reinforce a plastic product.

Hollow products thanks to gas injection

Gas injection allows for hollow products. After filling the mould – entirely or partly – with fluid plastic, we inject an inert gas under constant pressure. This is how a hollow wall is created. This technique guarantees extra freedom of form. The material saving and extra firmness are extra assets.

Inmould labelling and other printing techniques

We have several printing techniques to provide our products with an image, barcode or text. Via inmould labelling this is done in the mould. Other options include:

  • Hot stamping: large single-coloured prints
  • Screen printing: for detailed information
  • Automatic labelling

We also have the know-how for the application of RFID-tags for track & trace.